Must-Have Gadgets and Technology for the Remote Office Worker

glenn letham

  Technology for the Home-based Worker

Chances are good that if you work in technology or you’re a consultant, that you may be working remotely or from a home-based office at some time soon – or perhaps you already do. Additionally, with the recent coronavirus outbreak, there is always a possibility of your company going on lockdown and employees being asked to work from home. If so, there’s loads of cool technology around these days that will make your life much simpler and make you more productive. The following are some ideas about gadgets and technology that I suggest for any remote worker to consider.

Large Display / Monitor – When working remotely it is very important that you are comfortable and feel like you’re in a professional work environment – this will make you more productive! Having a large Video display is crucial, and luckily, nice and cheap these days. Get yourself at least a 27" monitor or perhaps a large all-in one or an iMac with a killer 27" display. My home office workstation is an HP Z workstation all-in-one. It packs a lot of punch and it is HUGE.