Boat Engineer

David Evans & Associates Inc
Lake Charles, LA 83272
United States


Job Description
DEA's Marine Services group is currently seeking a Boat Engineer to be part of an on-call crew to work aboard the S/V Blake based in Gulfport, MS. The projects for the S/V Blake will be in the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Mississippi River.

Work Schedule: Work schedule for this position is typically 14/21 days on the vessel and 7/10 days off the vessel.

Boat Engineer Job Description Duties:
  • General maintenance of engine room
  • Safe transfer of product (water, fuel, etc.)Design the form and stability of hulls.
  • Ongoing preventive maintenance of engine room
  • Assist with deck duties
  • Line Handling
  • Maintaining proper watches as described by the Boat Captain
  • Ensures that ships function properly and efficiently.
  • Boat engineers frequently work in shifts or can be on-call. They may be away from home for long periods of time.

Basic Qualifications:
  • Prior engine room experience
  • High school diploma or GED
  • Valid driver's license
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)
  • Must be self-motivated, detail oriented, and safety conscious

Physical Requirements of the Position:
  • Vision that allows to safe maneuvering aboard the vessel in situations that are likely to occur when a boat is in navigation night and day, year around. Depth perception must be adequate for assisting the wheelhouse personnel in navigating in close quarters, including lock or bridge approaches.
  • Work in all weather conditions. Conditions are usually hot, noisy and messy. Workplaces may also be dangerous.
  • Capable of stooping, bending, ascending and descending stairs or ladders safely, sometimes while transporting tools or objects.
  • Ability and know how to use the emergency equipment located on the vessel.
  • May be required to reach into small, poorly accessible areas of machinery; work on equipment that has pressurized or hot components; troubleshoot equipment that is difficult to reach; work in areas that have high noise levels; work below decks in an area that may experience periods of darkness in unusual situations; work in confined and restricted spaces.
  • Lifting up to 75 pounds may be required.
  • It is the responsibility of every DEA crew member to report to the vessel in a timely manner, fit and ready for duty.