The benefits of hiring product managers so your business can scale

Geojobs Guest

 Hiring a product might be the best move your company ever makes. A good product manager can guide a team, create product road maps, and gather business intelligence.

Then they can utilize the information to create better working environments for the developers and push development along at an even pace.

The benefits of hiring a product manager vast and varied. They can quite literally, given the right scenario, save a company from failure. Hiring a product manager is an outstanding move that provides plenty of incredible benefits.

Here are 5 incredible benefits of hiring product managers:

  1. They gather business intelligence

One of the hidden benefits of hiring a product manager: they gather important marketing data.

The best product managers gather information from inside the company and from outside the company. The collate important metrics and data points that help paint a picture of the target market, the competitive landscape, and the industry as a whole.

This is data is absolutely essential and top product managers are the masters of collecting, collating and synthesizing data. Active product managers wield the trove of information they uncover to create a comprehensive product plan that covers the product vision to the marketing strategy.

  1. They craft a product roadmap

The product roadmap is the piece de resistance of a great product manager. It is a plan that will help the team develop a schedule and the plan that will help the marketing and sales team make crucial decisions.

In essence, this plan is the backbone of product development and release. It is absolutely vital that the plan is crafted by an effective product manager with years of professional experience.

The product roadmap will also serve the executive team and the client. It will help keep them on the same page and help them keep track of the (sometimes complex) development cycle.

  1. They keep the client in check

The customer should always come first. Sometimes that means that the client’s request has to be rejected.

If a client makes a demand that would simply be too deleterious to the development process or the bottom line, the product manager is the one that most politely informs the client that the request is untenable.

Keeping the client in check is something that must be done at times, however rarely. And, the product manager is the most capable person on the team to relay unfortunate news to the client.

  1. They communicate the product vision

The developers work together to create the nuts and bolts of the product. The executive team, however, needs an abstraction. The product manager can communicate what the product will be, who it will serve, and how it will beat out the competition.

In other words, the product manager helps communicate the ultimate vision for the product being produced. As a liaison, an effective product manager can help bridge the gap between technical and creative processes.

In essence, the product manager helps the executive team and the developers understand what the ultimate goal for the product is.

  1. They keep the development team on track

The development team must be comprised of talented, passionate, and dedicated individuals. However, they can’t manage the entire product development process themselves. They need a captain at the helm giving them concrete steps based on the needs of the company and the client.

Product managers help keep the development team on track with the product roadmap. This gives the team a rough outline of the entire development process. In addition, the best product managers collaborate with developers to keep morale high. This helps reduce burnout and increases the cohesiveness of the team as a whole.


It is the application of these benefits that makes product development quickly and silently. A good product manager stays up to date on all of the latest industry news so that your product can stay a step ahead. The research and analytics that product managers do also assist in the creation of realistic timetables and budgets.

Furthermore, the research data that a product manager provides also motivates the team and assuages their fear. In fact, the presence of a figure that can handle emergencies without playing the blame game or melting down is of huge relief to the entirety of the company. However, their most important job is keeping the team together.

Product managers all have their own of dealing with team members, but they always make sure to keep cohesion a priority. This makes the product manager a go-to for emergencies which provides a security blanket to the developers. Product managers fight fires and move mountains on an off day. Hiring a product manager will completely revolutionize your development team