Tips for Recruiting the Best Tech Talent

Spatial Media

  In a world that is becoming increasingly technologically advanced, you’d be hard-pressed to find an industry that doesn’t require top tech talent to help it thrive. The problem is recruiting and keeping that talent. If you want your pick of the pool, you must be knowledgeable about the best recruitment strategies.

1. Your Business Must Have an Online Presence

Just a few short years ago, new hires were eager to help companies build their brands. After all, the act of a strong online presence for businesses was still something mostly done by well-known, millennial-minded companies. 

2. Find Your Talent Before They Find You

New graduates just spent the last 15-20 years of their young lives pushing pencils and working to better themselves. Even those who are excited to begin their careers usually aren’t excited about the idea of spending their days poring over help wanted ads online. 

3. Pay People What They’re Worth (or More)

If you’re still wondering how to recruit better tech talent, the proof is in the paycheck. If you’re trying to hire a new graduate who just spent $35,000 a year on college but you only want to pay $10 an hour