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Nassau Community College JOHNNY DONA
Name: Johnny Dona, CET
Professor Name: Michael Shenoda, PhD
College: Nassau Community College (SUNY)
Class Name: Civil Engineering Technology, CET
Unit and Code: Civil Engineering Technology A.A.S Program (Hegis Code 5309)
Date 01/22/2023
Reasons for Pursuing Careers in Land Surveying
Land surveying is a pyrotechnical course combing aspects of mathematics, geography, and technology application in real world. It is leads to outdoor career since most of its work is field work with less designs work, which interest me a lot. One of the key reasons for selecting land surveying is that it reflects the occurrences and enable an individual to interact with the real world. Interaction with real world creates a pleasurable experience in exploring nature in every aspect of works as well as reinforcing the understanding of physical geography learnt in the course works. The first part has an effect of making the work more enjoyable, reducing work related boredoms and stress since every field work whether in survey, site visits or cartography mean a new venture or break from workplace environment while the later increase the knowledge of the world around us.
The second reason for selecting the land surveying career is its ability to combine cutting edge technologies which interest me a lot. These includes use of global positioning services (GPS), mapping, aerial surveys, remote control etc. I have been fascinated by remote control systems and mapping and hence find it interesting and passionate to work with such technologies as well as interact with them frequently in my place of work.
The last reason for pursuing land survey course is its great importance in community development. Technically, community infrastructure development, relies on the effort of land surveyors. Its dream to be involved in big project developments such as aerial survey, highway construction, schools among other mega projects and structures. Community facilities cannot properly work without land surveyors, and hence, one way to pursue my dream of being engaged in mega projects development is by pursuing a land surveying course.
I am planning to enroll for the land surveying course in the upcoming semester 2023 at Nassau Community College, A.A.S., Civil Engineering Technology. The list of course I will take for this semester will have 20 credit and includes.
• Structural Drawing II (2 credits)
• Elementary Surveying (3 credits)
• Pre-Calculus (4 credits)
• Statics of Structure (3 credits)
• Physics (4 credits)
My enrollment will be aided by milestone scholarship of $1500. To envision my carrier for next 20 years, I have obtained the following memberships.
• Student Membership: ASCE, The American Society of Civil Engineers, since 2021
• Student Membership: New York State Association of Professional Land Surveyors, since 2021
• Student Membership: New Jersey Society of Professional Land Surveyors,2022
• Student Member: Pennsylvania Society of Land Surveyors,2022